Why organic CBD oil is the best choice for you

November 24, 2019 Michal Wlodarczyk

Hemp oils are getting louder and louder about, mainly due to very positive reviews from consumers who have already reached for this natural plant health supplement and who recommended it to others. If you are concerned about you general wellbeing and want to naturally improve your homeostasis, find out if CBD hemp oil really has such good therapeutic properties!  The market offer is very rich, and some terms do not tell you anything. Why is organic CBD oil the best choice for you?


What is CBD obtained from?

CBD is obtained from particular, non-psychoactive type of cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.), which is famous for its high cannabidol content and low content of tetrahydrokannabinol (THC). Most of CBD based products available in Europe use only hemp from locally obtained crops, 100% organic and not genetically modified. CBD hemp extracts used for production have EcoCert, GMP, ISO 9001 and other certificates.


CBD hemp oil? Go organic!

Hemp oils obtained from organic plants, i.e. grown in ecological conditions, are definitely the best for you. Exactly as nature planned it. Plants should not be artificially fertilized and protected against parasites with the use of chemicals, as this always has a negative impact on the final product. When choosing hemp oil, please note whether its producer declares to use organic plants only and whether there is any confirmation of this fact. The quality of hemp oil is also determined by the method of obtaining it. Supercritical CO2 extraction is definitely the best here. It allows you to completely dispense with chemicals (including solvents), so that the final version the oil obtained contains only ingredients of plant origin.


What’s more, if you decide to buy CBD oil, be sure to check whether the cannabidiol concentration given on the packaging coincides with the actual state. The manufacturer should provide laboratory test results confirming that the oil does not contain crystalline CBD – the synthetic form of this cannabinoid. If otherwise, then buying this product is pointless, because you will pay for something that you will not in fact receive.