What’s a CBD Isolate?

January 2, 2020 Bionativa

When reading about CBD, you might come across different, not so understandable terms. In addition to the full spectrum CBD we wrote about on our blog, CBD Isolate is also an exciting product. We explain what it is and how to portion it.

What is CBD Isolate?

All CBD-containing products must contain processed cannabidiol to be legal. That’s because CBD is obtained from hemp plants, which in addition to valuable ingredients, may also contain harmful substances. The most prevalent chemical compound contained in cannabis is psychoactive THC.

But you already know that CBD has little to do with THC. That is because the hemp plant is processed in such a way that the resulting product does not contain THC. Also, to produce high-quality CBD oils, Cannabis Sativa, a species that has minimal THC, is used. Thanks to this, CBD products are safe for our health and completely legal.

You’re wondering, what’s all this got to do with CBD Isolate? Well, to understand what CBD Isolate is, you must first know that depending on how you process cannabidiol, we can name several types of CBD. 

CBD Isolate is a type of CBD that has been processed to such an extent that there is nothing more than CBD in the resulting product. It is, therefore, a highly concentrated, pure cannabidiol. It does not contain any additional compounds, other cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenes. The name also indicates the method of obtaining CBD Isolate and its properties. It’s merely CBD isolated from other compounds found in the cannabis plant. It looks like a delicate, white powder.

CBD Isolate dosage

Due to CBD Isolate being the most condensed CBD product you can buy, you are certainly wondering how to dose CBD Isolate. After all, even with a full-spectrum CBD oil dosage, you should be careful, and it is recommended to take only 2-3 drops per day. What does it look like with CBD Isolate, which is also only available in powder form?

In our experience, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, it is worth starting with a small dose, having already gained experience with full-spectrum CBD. As a result, you can more accurately assess whether a given dose of CBD Isolate is right for you. If you want to buy full-spectrum CBD, you’ll find products containing it, in our store.

You can use an ordinary kitchen scale or other utensils to measure your CBD Isolate dose. However, it must be reasonably accurate because CBD Isolate should be dosed in mg.

Is CBD Isolate better than full-spectrum CBD?

The answer to this question is not easy. CBD products are still being researched, and it has not yet been determined what form of CBD to consume best. What’s certain is that CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD. That does not mean, however, that CBD Isolate is better than full spectrum CBD. It is best, therefore, that everyone answer this question themselves. After all, our organisms are different and react differently not only to CBD doses but also to CBD types. So we recommend trying! Over time, you will surely find the best CBD product for you.


Disclaimer: All information provided by Bionativa serves to convey valuable knowledge to our customers. That information should not be treated as medical claims. Keep in mind that CBD-based products available on Bionativa are dietary supplements only.