Terpenes – what are they?

November 28, 2019 Bionativa

If you’re interested in buying CBD oil or other cannabidiol products, you’ve probably come across the concept of terpenes. You intuitively sense that these compounds are good for the human body, but you don’t really know what they are and how they work. We will help you solve this mystery.

Not only cannabinoids

Hemp is primarily associated with cannabinoids. These compounds are known for their pro-health properties used, among others in medical marijuana therapy. However, it should be emphasized that among about 480 substances contained in cannabis, as many as 80 of them are cannabinoids. Each of these cannabinoids has slightly different properties, and that can be seen due to a large portion of cannabinoids not causing intoxication. Thanks to this, today we can enjoy CDB dietary supplements, e.g. CBD capsules, which do not have psychoactive properties, but support in achieving wellness.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are chemicals that occur naturally in many plants. They can be found not only in hemp but also in resin, ginger or cinnamon. Some insects species also produce Terpenes.

Terpenes are known for their intense fragrance. In the case of hemp, it is especially about the smell of blooming flowers and smoke, but not only. Terpenes are also responsible for the herbal aroma of hemp teas and in this way you can easily get to know it.

The name of the compounds comes from turpentine, which is a naturally occurring component in coniferous resin. Turpentine is usually colourless but gives off an intense, characteristic smell.

The use of terpenesĀ 

The number of terpenes that occur in nature is huge. According to the researchers, the number of terpenes can reach up to 20,000 different compounds. They protect plants and insects against various types of bacteria, pests, and fungi. Also, terpenes are often used in cosmetics, especially in perfumes. Interestingly, there are also many of them in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Terpenes are used in various types of herbal treatments – their sharp and characteristic smell makes it easy to relax and can cause a feeling of inner peace.

You can recognize terpenes in hemp foods immediately by their smell. Not everyone likes this characteristic scent, which is why some people decide to consume CBD in its odourless form, i.e. in capsules. Proponents of terpenes say, however, that their smell and taste are extremely calming. This makes sense because terpenes are also the main compounds found in essential oils.

Types of terpenes found in cannabis

Hemp is extremely rich in terpenes. According to specialists, you can distinguish over 100 types in them! It is worth knowing at least a few.

  • Mircen – the most common component of cannabis essential oil, unstable in contact with air, poorly soluble in water, used in herbal medicine.
  • Limonene – is responsible for the sour smell of lemon, which is why it is often used in the production of air fresheners and cosmetics, contributes to the production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • Pinen – has a sharp smell that repels insects; can reduce THC effects.
  • Linalool – its lily-of-the-valley scent repels insects – similar to pinene, it’s often used in perfumes.
  • Caryophyllene – a spicy aroma that corresponds to, among others, for the smell of cloves and black pepper, it is credited with anti-inflammatory effects.

Cannabis contains many valuable substances, including terpenes. If you want to feel the fullness of their action, make sure you take the highest quality CBD from organic farming. Products of this type can be found in our store.


Disclaimer: All information provided by Bionativa serves to convey valuable knowledge to our customers. That information should not be treated as medical claims. Keep in mind that CBD-based products available on Bionativa are dietary supplements only.