Cannateo 1500mg


Our Cannateo 1500mg CBD oil product specially made for our customers whose needs require a higher dosage of CBD. To successfully reach the most benefits of a food supplement highly depends on usage, we applied a special dispenser for our bottle. We think that every customer’s needs are unique therefor we designed our product with care and thoroughly.

  • Why Cannateo?
    • 1 pump contains approx. 18 mg CBD
    • Product lasts for approx. 40 days of supplementation *
    • All-natural
    • THC Free
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan Certified
    • Easy to use
    • Organic
    • Terpene- Rich
    • Made from EU certified hemp
    • Broad-spectrum
    • Golden Quality
    • 100% safe
    • Tested by us and an independent laboratory
    • Recyclable bottle with unique CBD dispenser
  • How to take Cannateo 1500mg CBD oil?

    1 pump twice a day (~36 mg CBD). Apply under the tongue and allow to remine for 60 seconds before swallowing. (One pump = ~ 18 mg CBD). Shake well before use!

  • Where can I buy Cannateo CBD oil?

    You can buy CBD oils online from us that are organics and lab tested. At Bionativa we believe safety and transparency are crucial to ensure customers receive safe CBD products which they can trust – we only sell the best CBD oils.

  • Cannabinoids profile per 10ml
    • CBD 15,6 %
    • CBDA 0,023 %
    • CBG 0,14 %
    • THC <0,005 %
    • 10 ml of bottle contains: 1500 mg CBD
    • Each 10ml bottle contains approximately 80 drops (40 daily dosages.)
    • 1 drop contains approximately 18mg of phytocannabinoids.
  • Ingredients

    Hemp Seeds Oil, Cannabidiol.

  • Cannateo 1500mg CBD oil dosage information

    Dosage varies with every customer this is because everybody is different. Some customers may find they are sensitive to CBD, while others may have a higher tolerance level. Start with 1 drop, 2 times a day and gradually increase your daily dose of CBD oil until the desired effect is achieved. Please do not exceed the 200mg food supplement daily limit.

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About Cannateo:

During the creation of Cannateo CBD oil, our brand creator Revocann searched for the latest technology in hemp industry to provide you a golden quality CBD oil with synergestic effects for your mind and body. Our Cannateo CBD oil is a broad-spectrum food supplement made with cryogenic extraction so that we could offer you a high standard CBD oil what only contains cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients. Thanks to this special process, accomplished by PHD scientists and a professional team, we can guarantee a CBD oil completely free of lipids, plant waxes, chlorophyll and -most importantly- THC free! We are proud to present you a new level of food supplement inspired by nature!

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  • Free shipping on all orders.
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  • We are an international company – we ship packages worldwide.