New product introduction

When the new product will be available?

We’ve got this question every day in a comment, via chat or email. As we don’t want you to let you down, we try to provide an answer. Unfortunately, we cannot give a detailed answer as it is impossible at the moment. So we give you the information what we can really provide and the promises what we can keep.

Our head of the company got this project in mind since a while and they had got the team together to realise it. All the preparation for a new brand takes a lot of effort and organisation just like getting ready for Christmas: make a list, find the ingredients you need for the meals and desserts, find the place and time when you can cook, ask help from other family members with the decoration, write the cards, pack the gifts and in the meantime manage your everyday life.

We found wonderful people and businesses to cooperate with to realize a brand we can be truly proud of. It will represent the quality in every level what we want, what we will be happy to recommend to everybody from our heart, even if you are new to CBD or a regular customer.

So, it is on its way, but we don’t want to be the company who gives false hopes. Therefor we cannot give the exact date yet, but once we see when the brand is ready to order we will give all the possible information about it.

Once this dream became a realization and we’ve got it on our shelves you will be the first with who we will share the harvest of our hard work!