How to make CBD extract from marijuana

August 30, 2018 11 min read

How to make CBD extract from marijuana

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most important active substance of marijuana, which versatility and high efficiency have been appreciated, among others, by the US Food and Drug Administration. In 2003, it obtained a patent from the US government, which allows the use of CBD for the treatment of inflammation and neurodegenerative disorders. How to make CBD extract from marijuana?

What is hemp oil?

how to extract cbd oil from marijuana

Concentrated marijuana extracts, also known as hemp oils, are being increasingly mentioned by patients as their own way of treating cancer. Methods to prepare hemp oil are relatively simple. The purpose of extraction, frequently followed by the evaporation step, is to obtain cannabinoids and other beneficial components, such as terpenes available in a highly concentrated form. Hemp oil is usually taken orally by dosing a small amount of drops several times a day.

CDB extract at home?

Hemp oil is obtained through a variety of methods, but the most popular one involves the use of solvents and evaporation. However, this is not a perfect method. In order to obtain the perfect composition, purity and naturalness of hemp oil, a system of CO2 extraction technology has been introduced into the process. It involves obtaining CDB extract in the most natural way possible without the use of solvents and additives. Luckily, it’s getting simpler and simpler.

CBD is obtained from cannabis sativa. Pure hemp extracts are becoming more and more popular, as they are distinguished by greater effectiveness due to synergistic interaction of individual cannabinoids. Today, thanks to the industry development, we can acquire special equipment that enables us to extract cannabinoids at home. The only thing required is a CBD extraction kit.

Using the CBD extraction kit(cannolator), we only need two hours to enjoy hand-made CBD oil. Extraction with the device also allows to reduce the use of alcohol involved in the process up to 50%. This means a much richer active substance, because less solvent used for the extraction process guarantees higher quality of CBD oil.

How to prepare a CDB extract?

The CBD extraction kit can be used to produce non-psychoactive CBD oil from legally available cannabis. 20 grams of cannabis sativa marijuana will provide about 2 grams of pure extract. The extract thus obtained is usually diluted with olive oil or hempseed oil to make dispensing easier. The products available on the market as “CBD oil” are ready-mixed blends of hemp extract and other oil. With 2 g of pure CBD extract obtained, we can get any amount of the final product, depending on the desired concentration.

On the web, you can buy ready-made sets containing the necessary instruments, including test tubes, a thermometer, a heater and bowls. Of course, such sets do not contain the dried hemp. The procedure to obtain  CDB extract goes as follows:

  • prepare 20 grams of cannabis sativa; do not use roots and stems;
  • dry the hemp very carefully and shred, preferably by hand;
  • insert a dried sample into the test tube and crumple it on the bottom;
  • put the air tube (included in the kit) through the hole in the test tube – the tube must not be immersed in alcohol;
  • pour 120 ml of 95% alcohol into the test tube to obtain a ratio of 6:1;
  • set the device to 100°C, the machine will make the alcohol heat to 79°C and evaporate;
  • as the amount of alcohol gets reduced, gradually add water; when it evaporates, air bubbles begin to form;
  • check the weight, if you receive 2 g of pure extract, add a few drops of sunflower or hemp oil, which will facilitate dosing;
  • if everything goes well, it’s the amount to make 10 ml of oil which means over 250 drops.