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Hemp Foods

The hemp plant is an incredibly known herb of its versatile edible use. The entire plant can be eaten, cooked, brewed or extracted – from roots to flower, leaf, and seed. Hemp seeds have a mild nutty flavour and can be eaten raw or added to your cereal or yoghurt. CBD edibles are a rich source of polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals beneficial for human wellness.

A very convenient way of consuming hemp seeds is taking hemp seed oil. Due to its careful production technique (cold pressing), the oil contains most of the nutritious ingredients found in the seeds. The abundance of amino acids and fatty acids along with other essential nutrients makes hemp seed oil a perfect addition to your daily skin care routine.


Best CBD edibles

There are many different ways to consume CBD but edibles are amongst the most popular.
CBD edibles are available in a variety of different forms and flavours to suit every palate such as gummies, chocolates and lollies. As with all CBD products they interact with the endocannabinoid system and are a highly effective method.
Long-lasting and appealing to all ages, edibles are a convenient, easy and enjoyable way to support and maintain your wellbeing.

Edibles and gummies provide a delicious alternative for those that may struggle with the often distinctive flavour of oils or for those who do not wish to vape.
Supplied in controlled, measured amounts that make it simple to consistently manage your daily dose of CBD whether at work or play.

CBD edibles offer a subtle and practical method of adding CBD to your supplementation. They look and taste like regular confectionary but contain all the incredible benefits of cannabinoids.

It’s hemp tea time

You can enjoy the benefits of hemp also when you are a tea lover. Hemp tea is one of the well known beverages on the planet. It’s rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It’s relaxing and refreshing and has a mild, pleasant earthy taste. The hemp tea you can buy online at Bionativa is high quality, organic and lab tested – we only sell the finest hemp tea.

Make yourself a perfect cup of tea the way you like – drink the tea on its own or with a slice of lemon. For a really relaxing brew try simmering some loose hemp tea in milk for a few minutes. This converts some of the CBDa into CBD which adds to the therapeutic benefits of the tea. You can use hemp tea while cooking too – just use it like any other herb.

Hemp seed oil – one of the best cbd food supplements

Hemp seeds are often referred to as hemp hearts. Although they are the seeds of Cannabis sativa, they don’t have any psychoactive effects. On the contrary, consuming hemp seeds bring about numerous of benefits, especially to your skin.

However, the benefits of hemp seeds go beyond skin care – taking hemp seeds or hemp seed oil regularly can help to support condition of your heart and improve your general well-being. Hemp seeds are also an amazing source of plant-based proteins as they provide all the essential amino acids. This already makes them a superfood.

Here at Bionativa, we offer a selection of best hemp foods available online. Our hemp food products meet the highest standards of purity and quality. We only sell 100% pure organic hemp oil made from hulled hemp seeds which are gently pressed.

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil

The basic difference between hemp oil and CBD oil lies in the extraction source. Hemp oil comes from the industrial hemp plant while CBD oil can be extracted from other cannabis plants. Both oils are natural products that offer considerable wellness benefits.

Due to the perfect ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, hemp seed oil contributes to a balanced diet and is ideal for salads, spreads as well as various cold and hot dishes. It is a great alternative to fish and fish oil for vegetarians and vegans as a source of Omega-3.

Hemp seed oil is also low in saturated fat compared with many other culinary oils. It’s considered to be the most balanced oil which is nutritious and easily digestible at the same time.

We only sell the highest quality hemp food supplements

At Bionativa we believe safety and transparency are of utmost importance so we distribute only trusted hemp products which comply with our requirements.

When you choose to buy from us at Bionativa, you can rest assured you get the highest quality hemp and CBD products. All our products are organic and lab tested. Browse our offer and place your order today.