Why make your own CBD oil?

Making your own CBD oil at home could save you money – 50% or more. You can make your own CBD oil from hemp plants with very little effort. You decide on the strength and ingredients of your own extract.

CBD or other cannabinoids can be easily extracted by the use of alcohol which is a safe and straightforward process. The alcohol is considered as the best solvent for extracting CBD oil as it leaves no unpleasant or harmful residue. Extracting CBD or other cannabinoids using high-proof food-safe alcohol is a safe and quite simple process by using cbd extraction tool.

How to make cbd oil extract?

Making your own CBD oil at home has never been easier. The Cannolator CBD oil extraction kits you can buy online from us at Bionativa offer value for money, and are high quality, easy to use and come with full instructions. You can make your CBD oil in about 2 hours, the same product strength every time. By using one of our Cannolator CBD oil extraction equipment you can reduce the amount of alcohol needed by 50%.

What ever you choose to buy from us at Bionativa, you can buy with confidence, knowing that we only sell the highest quality cbd extraction machines and products.