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CBD Oils

CBD oil is a cannabis oil that contains significant amounts of CBD. It’s a natural compound of the resinous flower of cannabis and it’s lab extracted and rigorously tested before it gets sold as a food supplement. Oil is the most popular way of consuming CBD, but for those who don’t like the taste of hemp, there are also capsules available.

CBD oils are sometimes referred to as hemp oils, cannabis oils or marijuana oils. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol – one of the many cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp.


Can CBD oils improve your health?

Adding cannabis-based products to our everyday diet can bring considerable health benefits. Consuming CBD in appropriate doses is emerging as a promising supportive therapy for many health problems as CBD is said to have anti-acne and topical anti-inflammatory properties. CBD health benefits are still being examined, but all in all, taking CBD as a food supplement helps to maintain physical and mental health.

While beneficial for well-being, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound so it won’t get you high. The cannabinoid known for its psychoactive effects is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the CBD products we offer have very small traces of THC. The amounts of THC are minimal, which is legally regulated.

Where to buy CBD oils in the UK?

You can buy CBD oils online at Bionativa. CBD is legal throughout the UK and we offer free UK shipping. Place your order today and get your CBD products delivered for free anywhere in the UK.

Buy the highest quality Cannabidiol CBD oils

You can buy CBD oils at Bionativa – they range in strength from 2.5% to 30%. It lets you get the CBD oil which best meets your needs because the different concentration levels offer much flexibility when dosing.

The cannabidiol oils you can buy online at Bionativa are organic and lab tested. We believe safety and transparency are paramount so we always take care of the quality of our products. Any CBD products we sell undergo a strict control policy.

The CBD oils for sale at Bionativa are made using CO2 extraction, which allows for plant extraction without using harmful chemicals. It also guarantees that all natural nutrients found in cannabis plants are preserved. There are many cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally occur in the plant – CO2 extraction allows these beneficial compounds to remain in the final cannabidiol oil product.

How to take CBD oils?

CBD oil is simple, easy to use and helps to support your overall health and well-being. All you need to do is lift your tongue, drop the oil, hold it for 2-3 minutes and then swallow.

Unfiltered CBD oil is said to taste nutty, ‘earthy’ or grassy – if you find this unpleasant, try brushing your teeth beforehand or drop the oil onto a small piece of chocolate before placing it under your tongue. Alternatively, you could place mint in your mouth or have a glass of water after swallowing the oil.

We take the utmost care of the quality of the products for sale at Bionativa. We offer only organic, lab tested hemp-based cannabidiols. Check out our selection and choose your CBD oil today.