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Here at Bionativa, we believe that a cosmetic should meet one criteria: 100% natural. We provide cosmetics what help you to build back your skin healthy and balanced.

These products are easy to add to you daily skincare routine and their indgredients whether it is CBD or hyaluronic acid, instantly get to work on taking away that stress that shows on your skin.


Our CBD creams

CBD creams and balms are designed to deliver cannabinoids and their benefits directly to the area needed. Convenient to use, creams and balms provide a fast and easy way to target troublesome regions whilst nourishing your body and skin with the natural power of hemp.

This method is ideal for people who struggle with the taste of oils or do not wish to vape. Alternatively, body creams and balms can be used as a valuable addition to your daily CBD supplement regime.
Topical products do not interfere with your normal doses of CBD and can be applied as often as needed. Massage gently into affected areas regularly for the best results.

Working from the outside inwards, CBD body creams and balms are a great way to utilize the many beneficial properties attributed to cannabidiol.

Our Hyaluronic acid serums

We offer four different strength of hyaluronic acid so you can find the best for your skin-type.  The different formulas can help to plump out and awaken tired looking skin, smooth the hair and the list can go on. It’s not the product what is visible on your skin or hair but its rejuvenating effect what you will feel more and more as you use the product.