BioBloom -“Highest organic quality at the best possible price”

BioBloom is an international company that specialises in the production and sales of organically grown, and carefully processed hemp flowers and CBD products for the health sector, containing their cannabinoid extracts. You can buy Biobloom CBD oil, hemp tea and hemp seed oil online from us at Bionativa.

Quality you can Trust.

BioBloom have risen to an international family business which dedicates their passion to research and production of organic hemp flowers and CBD products. Their strategy is to carefully develop products that are based on sound scientific data and to cooperate with experts from phytochemistry and pharmaceutical industries.

From ‘Seed To Seal’ Guarantee

BioBloom CBD family is one of very few companies on a global scale that stand behind their products from the moment of planting the seed to the time they seal the bottle. Hand picked and processed organic hemp plants are gently dried for up to 36 hours at a maximum temperature of 50˚C. The seeds are cold pressed to preserve all healthy ingredients. Dried pure hemp flowers are processed exclusively by CO2 extraction method in a certified laboratory under the strictest quality standards.

Natural and Organic Certified Hemp Products

BioBloom CBD extraction process guarantees that all natural nutrients contained in the plants and the phyto-active components are preserved providing a highly bio-active product. Through this process they produce a CBD product closest to the natural state of the plant. Biobloom hemp extract contains the entire plant.

Biobloom Products are Lab Tested.

All Biobloom CBD oils and hemp products are lab tested, including an additional test carried out in an independent laboratory where they are certified with the “AC Drop”. Biobloom believe safety and transparency are paramount to insure customers receive CBD and hemp products which they can trust.
Biobloom CBD Oil and Hemp Products Available Online.

You can buy a selection of Biobloom CBD and hemp products online from us at Bionativa. You can buy Biobloom CBD oils online that range in strength from 4% to 8%. You can also buy Biobloom hemp tea – loose or tea bags. When you buy Biobloom hemp seed oil online from us you can be confident you are buying the highest quality, organic lab tested oil.