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CBD is short for cannabidiol – a hemp compound known for its pro-helping properties. Adding CBD to your everyday diet will improve your well-being over time. There are many cannabis-based supplements available on the market, but at Bionativa we offer only high quality lab tested CBD oils and capsules. We take safety and quality requirements seriously so we control our products to make sure we distribute most valuable, pure CBD extracts that you can safely use as a food supplement.


Benefits of CBD products

You can use CBD oil to enhance your well-being on a daily basis. CBD oils are oils with different concentrations of CBD so you can easily adjust your daily dose to your health condition. Unlike another cannabis plant compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, CBD is not psychoactive at all.

CBD oil is not psychoactive

Consuming CBD oil won’t get you high – CBD is a nutritional supplement rather than a recreational drug. It’s a non-intoxicating compound which is said to have few side effects. CBD oils contain a negligent amount of THC which is completely safe.

CBD oil and capsules

Although CBD is usually consumed in the form of oil, there are also CBD capsules and softgels as well. Some users prefer to take CBD as any other pill – capsules are portable and discreet, and you don’t take them sublingually. Also, you don’t need to measure the dose as the right amount of CBD is already there. If you are new to cannabis and you don’t know if you like the taste of hemp, you can check out CBD oil capsules. They are more convenient to use than oils.

Regardless of what form of CBD you choose, you will soon reap its health benefits. Using CBD products on a regular basis will enhance the quality of your life. Add them to your daily diet and enjoy CBD health benefits today.

Find out more about CBD and its many uses on our blog. If you still have any questions about the benefits of this cannabinoid, contact us via our contact form. We encourage you to try CBD yourself. Browse our selection of oils and capsules, and place your order today. We take pride in offering best hemp-based oils and capsules.

If you are interested in extracting CBD oil at home, you should take a look at the CBD extraction tools that let you produce cannabis oil on your own.

We sell CBD products in the UK and abroad. Searching for CBD oil, capsules or extraction tools in the UK? We offer free UK delivery.