August 20, 2019


Cannabis arouses a range of emotions around the world. It’s no wonder CBD oil gets the same treatment. Fortunately, there are more and more supporters of using cannabidiol as a way to fight various ailments, including joint pain. Can CBD oil affect arthritis despite not being a medicinal product?

Joints pain – causes

Pain in the joints is a condition that can be caused by many different factors. Sometimes it is merely fatigue, e.g. due to increased physical activity. This type of pain goes away relatively quickly.

It is, however, entirely different when it comes to rheumatoid arthritis. It is a disease that manifests itself with stiffness and joint pain. Inflammation quite often recurs, and most often it attacks the palms, feet and wrists. Typically, fatigue and general discomfort accompany the intense pain.

Joint pain can also be a consequence of some mechanical injury in the past.

Does CBD affect pain in any way?

People suffering from chronic pain, or joint pain, very often have no choice but to use strong painkillers. It is known, however, that those drugs have their side effects. Most of the time, it’s stupor, but sometimes it can be a different kind of pain. Also, daily medications reduce the regenerative capacity of the body.

Such effects do not characterise CBD. However, we must clarify here that the products we sell are not medical. Although CBD oil and other products in our store are CBD-based, they do not cure any disease states, including rheumatism.

It is known, however, that cannabidiol, as a substance, has anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the development of inflammatory chemicals in the body, it also reduces the pain experienced with arthritis, but of course, it does not cure this disease. Nonetheless, the effect is that the condition of a person significantly improves – they can sleep better, eat more and don’t have to limit their activity to a minimum.

CBD oil has similar effects when it comes to other kinds of pain ailments. It reduces the need for opiates and also increases the appetite, which is suitable for people struggling with pain because they have problems with regular meals.


As you can see, CBD oil is not a medical product and unfortunately does not eliminate the cause of the pain, which in most cases is a disease. Many people, however, say that due to its properties, CBD oil can facilitate the everyday life of a sick person. That is certainly an interesting phenomenon that is worth having on your mind.