At Bionativa we value quality, innovation and transparency in the cannabis industry. That’s why we cooperate with some of the most popular and reputable CBD producers. They not only meet our strict standards and quality requirements but also continue supplying high quality CBD products in a very timely manner. When you order cannabis oils, capsules or any other CBD product, you can rest assured your package will arrive on time and in perfect condition.



    Revocann, our sister company, started from a dream. After many research, hard work and planning, this Polish based company manufactures and produces golden standards of CBD products. This team of professionals dares to think big and always open for the latest innovative processing techniques. These people with multiple years of experience in hemp turned the impossible into possible. Their 100% natural hemp products are THC free but still containing the whole spectrum of the plant.

    They are working with professional and regularly controlled farmers, using healthy hemp which is highly rich in CBD and other cannabinoids.

    Thanks to their cyrogenic extraction -what is relatively new in Europe but very much acknowledged development worldwide- they can separate the heavy ingredients such as lipids, plant waxes and chlorophyll during the manufacture, and only keep a clean CBD oil rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients. They are collaborating with The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science Department of Chemistry University of Wroclaw and using not only in-house lab test but external laboratory testing as well to make sure that you receive a unique, high standard and golden CBD oil product.


  • BioBloom CBD


    BioBloom – “Highest organic quality at the best price”

    BioBloom is an international company that specialises in the production and sales of organically grown and carefully processed hemp flowers and CBD products. They have years of experience in sustainable cultivation of hemp crops with bio certificates. You can buy Biobloom organic CBD oil, hemp flower tea and hemp seed oil online here, at Bionativa.


    Cibdol is a well-known brand that produces high-quality products with CBD oil content. Cibdol CBD oil owes its positive opinion, mainly due to the production process. The company doesn’t use pesticides, artificial fertilisers and GMOs. As a result, Cibdol CBD oil is natural and clean.

    If you wish to buy the original Cibdol CBD oil, you can do it here on Bionativa. We offer a wide range of Cibdol products in various variants and prices. You will undoubtedly find the perfect product for yourself!