At Bionativa we value quality, innovation and transparency in the cannabis industry. That’s why we cooperate with some of the most popular and reputable CBD producers. They not only meet our strict standards and quality requirements but also continue supplying high quality CBD products in a very timely manner. When you order cannabis oils, capsules or any other CBD product, you can rest assured your package will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

  • Stichting Medi-Wiet

    Stichting Mediwiet is a well-known and valued Dutch brand of hemp products operating since 1995. Its founder, Wernard, even coined the term “mediwiet” (medicinal weed) which was used to describe weed used for medical purposes. The company aims to help people take care of themselves without spending a lot of money on expensive remedies. Stichting Mediwiet believes that it’s our moral duty to help one another because helping one person is helping the entire world.

    After using cannabidiol oil himself, Wernard came to realise its effects were so much different from those associated with marijuana. Since CBD oils contain only minimal amounts of THC, the consumption didn’t make him high. It improved his overall well-being instead. Ever since he decided to work on two things: making the production process easier and promoting CBD extracts as natural health supplements.

    It resonated among patients with different pains and ailments, and they were the first to enjoy the benefits of cannabis oil. To date this hemp company continues to win the trust of a growing number of customers. Mediwiet products contain high CBD amounts and the brand itself is very committed to CBD extraction.

    CBD oil extraction tools

    The most famous Mediwiet product is the Cannolator which allows you to make your own hemp oil at home. Thanks to this innovative device, it is also possible to determine the composition and strength of the produced oil. The producer is convinced that anyone can make CBD oil with their equipment. They also believe that cannabis is an important addition to standard medical treatment.