Through our detailed selection process and with high-quality standards in mind, we have decided to cooperate with some of the best known, and reputable European manufacturers, which offer the highest quality CBD products.


BioBloom – Let’s Hemp You Up !

BioBloom cbd

The History!

Imagine the soil that was the bottom of a lake 4,000+ years ago that is so pure and fertile that the two countries it borders on, Austria and Hungary, have proclaimed it a protected eco-reserve. Then, add the fact that it is one of only a handful of European Union Bio-Certified farms.

The Quality You can Trust


BioBloom GmbH, have risen to international family business which, dedicates their passion to research and production of organic hemp flower products strictly by hand. Their strategy is to carefully develop products that are based on sound scientific data and cooperation with experts from photochemistry and pharmaceutical industry.

“From Seed To Seal Guarantee”


BioBloom family as one of very few companies on a global scale stands behind their products from the moment of planting the seed to the time they seal the bottle.

The Cultivation and Harvesting

BioBloom  sow and grow their crops in selective rows, ensuring each plant has sufficient space to breathe with fresh air benefit from full power of the sun without shading. BioBloom strictly follows sustainable organic cultivation and farming methods and processes.

The Processing of Organic Hemp Flowers

BioBloom cbd

Handpicked and processed organic hemp plants are gently dried for up to 36h at maximum temperature of 50˚C. The seeds are cold pressed to preserve all healthy ingredients. Dried pure hemp flowers extracted exclusively by CO2 extraction method in a certified laboratory under the strictest quality standards.

Natural and Organic Certified Products

BioBloom extraction process guarantees that all natural nutrients contained in the plants and the phyto-active components are preserved providing a highly bio-active product. Through this process we produce a product closest to the natural state of the plant.“Our extract contains the entire plant”

“AC Drop”


All BioBloom products are subject to strict quality controls and were additionally tested by independent and non-profit patient association Arge-Canna in an independent laboratory and certified with the “AC Drop”.


„From Seed to Golden Oil”


Passion, scientific knowledge and spectacular dedication to hemp cultivation and hemp processing proved CannabiGold’s HemPoland to be one of the most recognizable and respected producers in Europe. From seeding the plant on carefully selected soil, throughout the hemp cultivation until the finest full spectrum Golden Extracts.

Cutting-edge CO2 SFE Technology

Referred to as ‘Green Chemistry’ and designed specifically  for extraction of hemp plants, the supercritical CO2 extraction SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) allows for plant extraction without using harmful chemicals. Hemp it is well known for easily accumulating heavy metals and other harmful compounds from the soil, therefore only unique parameters of HemPoland’s supercritical state (so called “fourth physical state”) enables to extract only the most desired ingredients.

Scientifically Confirmed Quality


CannabiGold’s HemPoland have run over 3000 in-depth tests to develop one of the finest and most potent hemp oils – Golden Extract. Achieving CBD concentration of 30% (3000mg) Golden Extract is a naturally formed oil which still boasts broad and full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids, ( eg CBD, CBDA, CBC, CBG, BCP), flavonoids, terpenes, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, rather than single CBD profile offered by many products of similar CBD concentration levels.


Swiss Quality

Cibdol Swiss quality guarantees all extracts are fully decarboxylated and filtered, that allows them to reach the maximum product potency and purity. Therapeutic effect of Cibidol’s CBD oils is further enhanced by enriching them with terpenes. The effect gained as a result of this process is called the ‘ambient effect’ and it adds further benefits to CBD’s effect on you. To fully utilise the whole phyto-complex contained in hemp plant, Cibdol uses only natural, GMO-free certified ingredients and safe CO2 extraction methods.

Golden standard of CBD oil

Not disturbing the vital contents of active ingredients, Cibdol filter out any contaminants in Swiss laboratory, using their advanced filtration processes. This makes Cibdol oil golden. Golden CBD oils are optimised to ensure the maximum benefit to the consumer.

Testing and analysis

Cibdol conduct products analyses exclusively in independent laboratories, assuring consumers that their golden oils are free from artificial pollutants and additives, such as heavy metals. Additionally, Cibdol tests for microbiological factors in order to eliminate any traces of harmful microorganisms. By removing superfluous plant compounds such as wax and chlorophyll and by enriching the oil with terpenes, Cibdol’s CBD oil achieves a natural, pleasant and non-nauseating taste.

Stichting Medi-Wiet

Stiching Medi-Wiet

Is a well-known and valued brand of hemp products famous for its research on the properties of hemp oil. The Dutch company has been operating since 1995 and continues to win the trust of a growing number of customers. Medi-Wiet products contain high CBD amounts and the brand itself is very committed to oil extraction, as proved by the main focus of educational workshops run by the company. The most famous Medi-Wiet product is the Cannolator, which allows you to make your own hemp oil at home. Thanks to this innovative device, it is also possible to determine the composition and power of the produced oil.