The history of CBD is more interesting than you think

February 11, 2020 Bionativa

You ever wondered what the origins of CBD were before it became publicly available? Has it always been associated with controversy? Thanks to whom can we supplement CBD today? You don’t have to think any more. You can find the fascinating history of this compound in the following article.

Hemp – widely available and unexplored

In the past, hemp was widely available and used in a variety of ways. It was both an important ingredient in medicines and the fabric used to sew clothes. Surprisingly, however, it began to be studied rather late. Therefore, the first cannabinoids were isolated from the cannabis plant only at the end of the 19th century – it was cannabinol (CBN).

The structure of cannabinol was developed only in the 1930s, thanks to which a scheme of its operation was discovered.

Origins of CBD

The first extraction of CBD from marijuana came in 1940. This merit, attributed to Roger Adams, who, along with his team, isolated cannabidiol. His work contributed to further successes, which, unfortunately, had to wait a long time, because it wasn’t until the 1960s that the structure of cannabidiol was described.

Dr Raphael Mechoulam was responsible for the description of the structure, but CBD’s notoriety overshadowed his discovery. It was thought to be only a THC precursor, and therefore a potentially harmful compound. Legal situations in most countries around the world did not make it easier to deal with this myth. Research on cannabis and its ingredients, including CBD, was forbidden or considered risky. Therefore, the focus has been on the chemical building blocks of hemp, but no one conducted any research on their effects on the human body.


The moment of breakthrough for CBD was in 1988 when Allyn Howlett and William Devane discovered the endocannabinoid system. The existence of receptors scattered throughout the human body has been proven to interact with substances found in cannabis. These receptors were named CB1 and CB2. 

After the discovery of the system, it was subjected to thorough research. It turned out that ECS is responsible for many processes that maintain balance in the human body. Thanks to this, governments began to look more favourably at hemp and its components, including CBD. Raphael Mechoulam conducted in-depth research on cannabinoids. TO him, goes the credit for popularising CBD and dealing with myths about cannabidiol.

What’s next?

CBD, as a legal and safe dietary supplement, became widely available only in the 21st century, and popular 2-3 years ago. There is not much research on this subject, although the benefits of CBD on the endocannabinoid system are indisputable. There is also a lack of regulations governing this industry and the definition of certain standards. Which has its pros and cons, because on the one hand it allows the industry to flourish, and on the other, it is a chance for fraudsters. There is no shortage of producers who want to achieve success by using the popularity of CBD, but do not attach importance to the quality of their products. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your supplement is clean and has been subjected to appropriate tests, check the assortment on Bionativa. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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