How to hide the unpleasant taste of CBD oil?

November 22, 2019 Bionativa

You bought high-quality CBD oil. You can’t wait until you feel the effects of it. A few drops of oil under your tongue and … you just feel disgusted. Well, the taste of CBD is specific. Many people have had a hard time taking their daily dose of cannabidiol. 

If you find yourself in that situation, you’re most likely looking for a way to hide the unpleasant taste of CBD oil. Fortunately, we have a solution or a few for that.

The taste of CBD and how to hide it

Perhaps you’re just planning to buy CBD oil and wonder how this potentially awful-tasting supplement actually tastes. Well, it’s pretty simple. The taste of CBD oil is very similar to the taste of any hemp product. If you’ve ever been in contact with the taste or smell of marijuana, you can easily imagine the specifics of the CBD taste. It can be described as earthy and herbal.

CBD oil is a hemp plant extract. That means that it contains the essence of all the flavour that cannabis has to offer. Thanks to this, it tastes intense and, to be honest, it’s too much for some. Then you should think about how to hide the taste of CBD. After all, giving up cannabidiol supplementation is the last thing you want to do.

1. Take CBD oil with food

If you do not like the taste of CBD oil, you can take its daily dose with some food. However, you need to make sure that the flavours do not mix – after all, you want to mask the taste of CBD oil, and not create a mixture that may enhance it.

What to mask the taste of CBD oil with? Preferably something sweet. That is because the sweet taste is the first one we feel. Thanks to this, you will feel the CBD taste after a while, and it will not be as intense. For this purpose, you can take CBD oil, e.g. with honey or syrup.

Watch out for sweets in solid form, e.g. chocolate. If you take them simultaneously with CBD oil, you will first feel the oil taste. Only after a while, when the chocolate dissolves, the taste of cannabidiol will be masked. Compared to honey, this is a less effective way of masking CBD taste.

2. Try CBD edibles

The choice of hemp foods is continuously growing. In most stores, including Bionativa, you can already get CBD chocolate or CBD gummy bears, but CBD edibles you can also make yourself. That is a good solution for people who have already bought CBD oil and only after the fact discovered that applying it under the tongue is a big problem.

Which CBD edibles can you prepare yourself? Try baking with CBD oil or add it to your daily meals, e.g. to salads.

3. Mask CBD with the taste of mint

Sometimes, the biggest problem is the taste of CBD, which stays in the mouth long after swallowing the supplement. In this case, it is worth masking it with mint, e.g. reaching for mint chewing gum or rinsing the mouth with a mouthwash. You can also brush your teeth.

4. Brush your teeth before taking CBD

Interestingly, you can brush your teeth not only after taking CBD oil but also before. It’s an excellent way to reduce the intensity of the taste, which works thanks to the surfactants contained in the toothpaste. It is thanks to them that after brushing your teeth, food tastes different (although this is obviously not their primary task). If you take CBD oil just after brushing your teeth, you will find its taste to be less intense.

None of these methods works? That means you may need to change your supplementation method. Try CBD capsules and enjoy a complete lack of taste.

Disclaimer:  All information provided by Bionativa serves to convey valuable knowledge to our customers. That information should not be treated as medical claims. Keep in mind that CBD-based products available on Bionativa are dietary supplements only.