CBD oil didn’t work? Check why

January 12, 2020 Bionativa

The benefits of CBD oil tempt an increasing number of people, and cannabidiol enthusiasts recommend this supplement to everyone. It is not surprising that expectations are high. Just what if CBD oil doesn’t work? Is this a sign that CBD supplementation is not for you? Let’s check it.

Why does CBD oil not work?

To start with, you need to realise that CBD oil is a supplement and, like any product of this type, works differently for anybody. Therefore, You can’t follow the opinions of others who feel the effects of CBD after a week. Besides, there are at least a few reasons why CBD oil doesn’t work. In this article, we will take a look at the most common ones. That will help you discover why CBD oil does not work and how to solve this problem to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil.

You got fooled

CBD is still a new and growing industry. Many people also consider it to be extremely profitable, which has led to a situation where it’s easy to cheat the consumer. We have a lot of CBD oil producers, but not all of them are honest. Also, a continuous lack of clear legal regulations doesn’t improve on the matters. Therefore, CBD dealers quite often sell products that do not have declared properties. Among them may be your CBD oil.

If you unwittingly bought CBD oil from a fraudster, your supplementation surely won’t be effective. Check the source of purchase – you may discover why CBD oil does not work.

You take to small of a dose

CBD oil is a supplement that should be taken in a dose, depending on how you feel. In other words, you find the right dosage by trial and error. If you haven’t yet supplemented with CBD oil, you probably started with the recommended dose. Most manufacturers recommend 1-2 drops to start with, but this may not be the right dose for your weight or other individual characteristics. If CBD oil does not work, the reason may be too low a dose. Try to increase it by one extra drop and wait 2-3 weeks. After this time, you should feel the difference, unless the reason why CBD oil doesn’t work is something else.

You have CBD oil of poor quality

A widespread answer to the question of why CBD oil does not work is its questionable quality. Some companies merely declare the product’s environmental friendliness, and in fact, they use pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals on hemp. Meanwhile, the best and most effective CBD oils are those that are organic. Besides, pay attention to the CBD extraction method – it should be CO2 extraction.

If you bought poor quality oil, do the shopping with us next time. We guarantee the highest quality of organic products, thanks to which you will learn the whole spectrum of CBD oil benefits.

Oil supplementation is not for you

If CBD oil does not work, remember that you can supplement cannabidiol in various ways. First of all, it’s worth trying both CBD full-spectrum oil and CBD Isolate. Also, you can consider supplementation with CBD capsules or opt for all kinds of hemp foods. After all, CBD properties are still under study. You can’t be sure that CBD oil is the most effective product for you. You may get better results by choosing a different supplementation method.

Disclaimer: All information provided by Bionativa serves to convey valuable knowledge to our customers. That information should not be treated as medical claims. Keep in mind that CBD-based products available on Bionativa are dietary supplements only.