CBD in capsules or in a traditional form?

December 26, 2019 Bionativa

If you’re planning to start CBD supplementation, you probably don’t know which form is best to choose. In this article, we characterise the most popular methods of consuming CBD and advise which one is best to start with. Read before you make a decision!

In what form to buy CBD?

Cannabidiol is quite universal because we can supply it to the body in several different varieties. Of course, the most popular is CBD oil, but that’s not all. What types are available on the market and are they all equally effective?

CBD oil 

CBD oil is an extract from hemp plants. Its purest form can be obtained by CO2 extraction so that the oil contains the maximum amount of valuable ingredients. It should be applied under the tongue (in the form of 2-3 drops depending on the concentration) and held a moment before swallowing. For this reason, it’s not suitable for everyone – sometimes the taste of CBD oil discourages the supplementation with this method.

CBD oil is available in different concentrations. Beginners should start with the smallest, i.e. 2.5%. You can find it right here at Bionativa.

CBD capsules 

CBD capsules are the solution for those who don’t like the taste of CBD but want to enjoy the high-efficiency product. Admitting cannabidiol with this method is less effective than CBD oil, but it’s still a decent way if you wish for effective supplementation. CBD capsules are also the easiest way to consume cannabidiol. Just swallow the selected dose and drink it with a glass of water.

Hemp foods

CBD oil can also be supplied with food. On the market, you will find CBD jellies, chocolate and many other products. We especially recommend hemp teas, because the method of their preparation is easy, and drinking it has many advantages. Not only do they provide the body with CBD. Besides, there is nothing more relaxing than an afternoon hemp tea after a hard day at work.

However, it should be borne in mind that hemp tea has its specific taste. It can be changed with the help of additives, e.g. honey, but certainly, not everyone will like it.


CBD can also be found in numerous cosmetics. CBD Creams are the most popular form of this type. Depending on the product, they have different purposes, but they usually moisturise the skin well and possibly aid the medication in reducing the inflammation. That is rather an unobvious way to provide the body with CBD and certainly is not comparable with the consumption of CBD oil, but it allows you to understand the potential of cannabidiol. In some cases, it can even be a hit, e.g. if you have a problematic complexion. It’s also an excellent addition to standard supplementation.

You can find all the products listed above here at Bionativa in several variants. They are of the highest quality and have passed all the necessary tests. When you buy on Bionativa, you don’t have to worry about a failed purchase.