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“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well’ ~ Hippocrates.”

Bionativa is a team of hemp enthusiasts and individuals involved in development of hemp science, hemp product education and marketing as well as production, processing and supply of carefully selected hemp products from trusted and thoroughly tested producers who guarantee the ‘From Seed to Seal Quality’.

Our business adheres to strictly defined quality standards, which ensure that only safe products come into your hands. We make sure that all the products we offer are of the highest production standard and have all the necessary certificates confirming that the products are fully ecological and that no chemicals were used in their production. Above all, we ensure that hemp is sourced from internally managed, healthy crops, processed in-house and that every stage of production is appropriately controlled.

You Can Trust Us

We are a member of The Health Food Manufacture’s Association, which confirms our commitment and experience in the hemp and natural health industry. This is also confirmed by the numerous certificates of our brands. We act transparently and we base our work on principles of fair trade.

We want our products to be available to everyone and not a secret to anyone. We supply herbal shops, healthy food shops and pharmacies, thus expanding general public’s awareness of hemp products.